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And to give everything a more positive sheen in order to make ourselves feel better for the moment actually only harms us more in the long run.This chance came in a new thread which was started on the AI boards on : Posted: Sat, May 31 2008, PM Both Fazida and I worked on having the best argument put out to DC on why he should totally go for Marie. My close friend and I both had separate epiphanies on who should be David Cook's girlfriend. She's sweet and beautiful, has a great voice and about the same age as David Cook. Go to the tube and check her out doing Rihanna's "Umbrella" (/BLEEP589Mvlz6LWE) and her own song "Stupid for You" (/BLEEPfqz Lcl WPY_w)The response from the Word-nerds reading the thread was lukewarm at best.Our only hope is that he visits this particular thread (we already know he lurks around the AI boards) and take up our idea. It was only recently that when we shared our thoughts on this, did we realize that our choice for David Cook was the same. She's smart (was in Berkeley), she writes her own song and started writing at the age of 15 (around the time DC started Axium) - They have quite a few things in common. For one, they have no idea who this Marie Digby is (Come on!But she's way too mainstream for David Cook, methinks.Anywho, it does not matter whether the other Word Nerds agree or not.

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