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To wit, Nina Dragicevic is a reluctant cottage guest, Kevin Mc Gowan dreads waiting to be laid off, Ann Auld realizes her Down syndrome daughter is a dying breed, Pamela Kent can’t understand why she and her husband have lived so long, and Lori Bona Hunt is cheered by the transformation of her daughter into a happier son. My cottage weekend is a Judd Apatow movie from 10 years ago. I look toward the shore where alleged government employees are innocently playing horseshoes.

One of your friends, sitting alone on the dock, calls me over for some friendly cottage chit-chat. I didn’t notice, I want to joke, I guess I can’t quite see their fangs from here.

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She keeps score, too, and ranks everything we post online with a number – the bigger the number, the better we did at getting our story out. If I finish my student loan before I retire, I, too, will probably indulge in a light watercraft purchase. I’ll circle the lake, blowing my rescue horn, calling out to other cottagers: “Help! Most of the guys have started that little thirtysomething pot belly, and perhaps some light male breast development.

We are letting our readers peek behind the curtain by presenting the Top 5 Facts & Arguments essays, according to their Globe Score, from the past 12 months. Inexplicably, their girlfriends have all maintained the figure of the average svelte 12 year old. “I was just asking because a lot of people here work for the government,” he says in a lower tone.

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Snapchat, the leader among youth-oriented social networks and a key competitor for Kik, faces similar issues.

The app’s “ephemeral” disappearing message technology means messages last only 10 seconds before being deleted.

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