Ms word table of contents not updating dating tim

My Bibliography file is called “bib.bib” and was located in “My Documents” which contains a space so I relocated it to a new folder “c:\References\bib.bib” Make a note of your location. Set your Path The macro requires that it can access the Bib Te X package from the default path.

The simplest way to set this is to go to Yours should be similar if you followed the default installation.

For example, to mark a chapter title as a Level 1 Heading, first select the text that you would like to appear as the chapter heading in the Table of Contents by clicking-and-dragging your cursor over it to highlight it.

In this guide I will show you step-by-step how to install Mike Brookes‘ excellent free Bibtex4Word (v1.12) Word Macro Package on your Windows XP machine.

This post is for an old version of the Bib Te X4Word Macro.

Accepting each change won’t help because next time the fields are updated, the same thing will occur.

In order to understand how to fix this problem, it is useful to understand how it happened in the first place.

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