Property data updating content

Indexed DB is a way for you to persistently store data inside a user's browser.Because it lets you create web applications with rich query abilities regardless of network availability, your applications can work both online and offline.You can convert a single entity using: When the above data is converted into entities, you will have 4 tags.

Setting labels on a node is an idempotent operations — if you try to set a label on a node that already has that label on it, nothing happens.To learn more about implementing content providers in your own applications, see Creating a Content Provider.This topic describes the following: A content provider presents data to external applications as one or more tables that are similar to the tables found in a relational database.When modifying records by directly setting or changing the properties no validation happens, which is a problem when accepting form data.The following sections will demonstrate how to efficiently convert form data into entities so that they can be validated and saved.

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