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Character Images Character Chambers Links Etiquette Language & Posts Realm Keepers and NPCs Players, NPCs & Familiars Lurking Combat Violence Technology Age Rank and Cyber Sex Stat Limits for Character Changes As artists, we understand the desire to find just the right picture to represent your character. Breasts and private areas must remain covered within the imagery.

See-through clothing does not count in this respect.

Characters can be powerful and Godlike, but never be invincible.

Example: Zandor points his finger of god at Zorax killing him instantly, despite all of Zorax's attempts to fight back.

For sports enthusiasts, the means connecting with other fans and debating in real time over which players in the league deserve to be placed in the hall of fame or even discuss salary caps.

For singles, the means finding love, a solid friendship or even finding a quick fling.

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Also, we know that one can search for hours or days to find just the right image for your character.

These are but a few guidelines, final approval for chat images rests with management. Keep in mind when you use the Home page link that you are subject to the guidelines for posting images in chat.

Mystical Realms offers chamber space to upload images. Within Character Chambers any link offsite must be clearly stated. Until a character chamber has been completed and linked to the chat name, members may not engage in role play in public rooms of Mystical Realms, regardless of the realm.

Official Site If you’re life needs some added excitement you should take a look at the adult role playing chat rooms found on Free Chat Now.

You can be whoever you want and go wherever you desire.

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