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RAILROAD gallery #1 contains many articles from the Museum's own authentic Railroad Equipment Collection, plus a brief history of railroad facilities that are of interest to Railfans in the Richmond, Virginia area.

When you have viewed this page, be sure to continue to Page 2, which contains our model train items, by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Over the years the American influence declined, and the UK company achieved complete independence both in the conception of its products and in its economic structure.

The rest, as people say, is history - and most of it is in this little history.

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The timing of this study is not accidental: it is issued at the time of the 100th anniversary of machine (as opposed to manual) telephone switching, and commemorates the original invention in 1889 by Almon B.

One hundred years on, we can see how this developed into the world's most successful telephone system and note the role played in this by the workers of Liverpool.

In November, KDKA and New Jersey station WJZ made history by broadcasting the results of the Warren G. The first national radio networks appeared in 1923, starting with AT&T.

At first, radio was so exciting that pretty much everyone and anyone was willing to go on the air for free just for the publicity, if not the thrill.

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