Updating hard drive

And that lone 13-inch MBP, with its 500GB 5400 RPM hard drive is clearly not long for this world.At 00 the last-man-standing non-Retina Pro is only 0 cheaper than the next model up and it lacks both the Flash storage and high-resolution display that make the new MBP so good.If you’re here you’re probably not in the market for a new Mac Book Pro.You likely have an aging laptop that you’re trying to breath some life into.This will include the files created by installing the Creators Update -- a whopping 20.2GB in my case.Check that box, and the Temporary Windows installation files one as well and click OK to remove those backed up files and regain your missing hard drive space.

The Creators Update introduces lots of new features and general improvements, including new privacy and security options, Paint 3D, Night Light, Game Mode, Dynamic Lock, and more.However, a big update like this requires a big download, and the files that Microsoft places on your system don’t get removed afterwards.In other words, the Creators Update could be responsible for taking a massive bite out of your free hard drive space -- tens of gigabytes in fact. SEE ALSO: Why you shouldn't rush to install the Windows 10 Creators Update The process is very straightforward. Launch the Disk Clean-up app, make sure your system drive is selected, and click OK.It might seem incredible, but today Apple only sells a single Mac Book Pro that still uses a hard drive.As of Apple’s update in October, all of the 13-inch and 15-inch Mac Book Pros — aside from the single non-Retina display model — have all moved over to solid-state storage.

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