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Figure 11-1 Lateral Buoys A fairway buoy marks safe water at landfalls, channel entrances or channel centres.The Cumulative List of ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners (NP234 A/B) can help you to identify outstanding NMs and audit trails for a particular chart or charts.All devices and equipment on board – required or not – must be in good working order, and properly installed and situated.Your equipment must be able to keep working under all environmental conditions likely to exist (such as vibration, humidity and change of temperature).The calculated hull speed is 5.81 mph (5 knots)Sandpiper 565 is also a sailing sloop with four berth accommodation and is popular in eastern Canada and in the great lakes region.The White Burgee is our traditional AGLCA burgee and is available to all members.For tips on both reading and updating nautical charts, go to Below are descriptions and explanations of some of the most common buoys.

In less than 15 minutes Sandpipers can be rigged and launched ready to sail or hauled out and trailer secured to travel over land to explore new inland Sandpiper 565 can be classified as a pocket or compact cruiser, or a micro-cruiser that is; small (18.6 feet or 5.65 meters), lightweight (1200 lbs), a sailboat with a cabin (headroom 4'4") intended for recreational cruising and overnight stays (sleeps 4), can be easily loaded onto a trailer and towed, and is very easy to beach.

For more info check out the Rendezvous Page.o you ever watch a sandpiper bird as it moves along the shoreline?

Do you notice that the sandpiper bird is darting in and out of the waters edge along the beach looking for food and always seems to be moving around?

The Gold Burgee is the "Gold Standard" and is reserved for members who have completed the Great Loop Cruise.

The Platinum Burgee has been specially designed to identify our most experienced Loopers, those who have accomplished multiple Loop completions!

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